300 to 800 Kva Diesel Generators

Power Pack 300 - 800
Gen set

300 to 800 Kva Silent Generators

Different Engine Choices: Volvo, Cummins, Perkins.

Standard specs included!

Genuine quality components.

DSE 7220 Controller.

Large stainless steel integrated fuel tank.

Anti-vibration fail safe mountings for the engine and alternator.

GSM, LAN, Modem Fitted for remote controlle and sms notification via your simcard.

Large Generator Power Pack Series

T This Generator range is in a league of its own, with everything you need to supply high amps to any factory or business. This generator sets is fully equipped and give you full control over your mains supply and generator supply, everything online. Always in contact when you need it. I phone and smart phone apps available.

G Generator engine and alternator protection is standard, temperature, oil, water level, volts, over loading, frequency that is in conjunction with engine speed, phase monitoring, phase rotation for incoming mains, fuel level. Low fuel level warning via sms also included via your sim card.

S This generators sets is spacious on the inside, and easy to service and to maintain. Larger external fuel tank options available, up to 5000 liters.